“Quality is our middle name.”


Landscape Design

Your ideas and our elbow grease combine to create a beautiful work of landscaping art. Let us brainstorm with you on just what features will best fulfill your needs.

Landscape Maintenance

As beautiful as nature is, it has a tendency to shift and grow into all sorts of ways that disrupt your immaculate yard. We’ve perfected the art of keeping the weeds at bay.

Landscape Construction

For those who have had to move mounds of earth from one spot to another can appreciate the sheer power that it takes to get a properly built yard. Between our fit crew and macho machinery we’ll shape your yard just the way you like.


Holiday Lighting


Merrill’s is your local Christmas Decor decorator.

Christmas Decor

Weed Man


Merrill’s offers Weed Man services to beautify your lawn.

Weed Man